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Google's Dinosaur Gets Festive | Chrome's Dino Run


September is a very important month for the technology giant Google, as it celebrates its anniversary and many launches that it has had over 20 years. Google Chrome is in its tenth anniversary and along with the new updates, comes a somewhat curious but popular redesign among users, we are talking about the Google Dinosaur, or "Dino Run".


The Google Dinosaur appears when the Chrome browser is left without an internet connection, thus begins this "easter egg" within the programming, which consists of a runner game minigame. It was launched in 2014 and celebrates four years of existence by eating cake.


That's right, on the occasion of its anniversary, the developers shared some details of its creation and redesigned the google dinosaur game to be more festive throughout this month. Sebastien Gabriel, designer of Chrome and "Dino Run", explained that I create this character as it alludes to prehistoric times when there was no Wi-Fi or internet.


The first dinosaur designs were known as Project Bolan as a reference to rock vocalist Marc Bolan of T. Rex. The dino game, now a part of entertainment picks, has more than 270 million games per month. Most of them are carried out in countries with poor Internet connections or that are more expensive and unstable, such as India, Brazil, Indonesia or Mexico.


"Dino Run" has some curiosities: it is not infinite as everyone thinks, it is designed to last for 17 million years (the time the T-Rex was alive on Earth). As well as an "Arcade" version so that you can play in full screen and without having to disconnect the internet, you only have to enter the chrome://dino extension.


If you love seeing a T-Rex with a party hat, this month is your chance, as Google developers launched a festive redesign of the game with cake, balloons and above all, elements of color that usually do not have.


Dinosaur T-Rex - Easter egg in Google Chrome

Dinosaur Cheats in Google Chrome: Speed and immortality

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